Shocking Secrets Revealed By A 256 Years Old Man Who Decided To Break The Silence Before Dying

The following story is not fiction or myth. Believe it or not, Li Ching Yuen is the man who keeps the (unofficial) world age record, having lived for incredible 256 years!

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As stated in a New York Times article from 1930, a professor from the Chengdu University named Wu Chung-chien has found some government records from the Chinese Empire dating 1827, containing a congratulation letter addresses to Mr. Li Ching-Yuen regarding his 150th birthday, and another one from 1877 for his 200th birthday. A correspondent for New York Times has written in 1928 that older people from Li`s neighborhood confirmed that their grandfathers knew Li as a grown man when they were still children.

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Allegedly, Li started his career as herbalist when he was 10 years old, collecting mountain herbs and learning of their power to extend lifespan and quality of life. He practiced a herb diet for 40 years, consuming only goji berries, wild ginseng, lingzhi, he shoo wu, rice wine and gotu kola. At 71, he joined the Chinese army as martial arts teacher. He married 23 times, had more than 200 children, and was very respected by the whole community.

Many stories were told in his province about Li, most of them accepted as true. One is that he learned to read and write at a very early age; another is that he reached distant areas like Tibet, Shansi, Annam, Manchuria and Siam collecting herbs. This was his occupation for the first 100 years, after that he started selling herbs from other people, not only goji berries, wild ginseng, gotu kola, he shou wu and lingzhi but also other Chinese herbs, continuing to consume all of them along with rice wine.


It is believed that Li has encountered a 500 year old man, who gave him some dietary advices and showed him Qigong exercises which were to help him expand his lifespan indefinitely.

The last words on his dying bed were: “I`ve finished my work in this world”. Can this be an indication to the secret of long and fulfilled life? The western way of thinking opposes Li`s practices, as it is believed that old age can be reached by modern medicine and high technology.


Asked for his recipe for longevity, Li gave the following words of wisdom to Wu Pei-fu, a warlord who took him in his house in order to discover the secret of long life: “Calm your heart, sit like a tortoise, walk lively like a bird and sleep like a dog”.

Li was always very calm and peaceful. This, together with the breathing techniques, was probably the secret to his long life, along with the herb diet. But, as Li has pointed out many times, his state of mind had the biggest contribution to his longevity.

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In the Western world, the average life span is between 75-80 years, which is why the thought of someone living over hundred seems quite incredible, not to mention the (im)possibility of living over 200! Why is this so?

We forget that not all of us have a stressful, 9-5 lifestyle, living in a polluted city, without the time for regular exercises. Not all of us consume only refined sugar and flour, processed and canned food, full of pesticides. The whole world does not live off the American diet, which also includes junk food, fatty meats, GMO food, deserts full with sugar, and lots of alcohol, tobacco and antibiotics. All of this is contrary to a healthy diet containing herbs and superfoods that not only boost your immune system and act like steroids to your whole body, but also prolong your life.

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Part of the healthy lifestyle includes meditation and breathing techniques which keep your entire health. Get a proper sleep, keep things simple, spend some time in the nature, let the sun relax and rejuvenate you. Even an hour of relaxing outdoors, under the sun can feel like a vacation, so imagine what a lifetime in the mountains would do to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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